II▻★★★ Best Female Back Tattooing Art by   Monarch Studio

Wings Tattoo for Woman on Back

Bautiful Masterpiece of Wings on Female Back designed with strips Samoa-like and closed in the lower back by something like a Flower culmined by a maori half-rosette. Pattern & Idea by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Maori Shoulder Blade with 2 big Waves

Female Tattoo on Shoulder Blade of a Tribal Maori Design featuring Thorns not-inked interlaced with Strips of Maori small symbols as birds, arrowheads & more .. Pattern & Idea by Monarch Studio Hawaii.

Tattoo of Owl missed inter several Strips of Maori Samoa Symbols

Owl Tattoo of Tribal Samoa style on Shoulder, & Shoulder Blade of a young woman by Monarch Studio Hawaï.

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