II▻★★★ Best Modern Polynesian Tattooing Art on Men’s Back by Dmitry Babakhin

Hang glider & Sun Filled with Polynesian Modern symbology

Awesome Tattoo representing something like a hang glider with a beautiful Polynesian Sun on the Right-down corner. Both elements has been filled by our artist with Modern symbology like emerges, a teethed-tiki (as core on the Sun), lines of black pyramids,  lines of pentagons + small points, marquisian crosses,  a big earring (on the centre of the glider) & many many more. By Dmitry Babakhin.

Big-eyes Polynesian Tiki's Head on male Shoulder Blade

Second MasterPiece of this post, placed on the right Shoulder Blade of a Man and which main element seems a Big-Eyes Tiki’s Head  surrounded by a band of ancient symbols from Marquesas Tatau: dummies hands-up, small birds, fish, front doors, emerges, marquisian crosses and many more.  By Dmitry Babakhin.


Delta Layout tattooed on Back é Shoulder of a ManHuge Layout for this Tattoo over the Back and two Shoulder / Arms of a Men, of Modern Polynesian style seen the ancient symbology used to fill it: lines of pentagons, lines of marquesian crosses, earring, suns & half-suns, inked divisions, emerges & emerges forming front doors .. all by Dmitry Babakhin.

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