II▻★★★ Best Tattooing Art on Female Backs by Dmitry Babakhin

Modern Symbol with Infinite Core inked on Upper Back of a Girl

Beautiful Piece tattooed on the Upper Back of a Girl showing a central element which core is a infinite symbol surrounded by several forms and bands perfectly symmetric on both left and right side and hard inked. As you can see most of them has been designed with the help of Polynesian Maori symbols of emerges and waves. By Dmitry Babakhin.

Big Triangle of Polynesian Modern Symbols inked on a Woman's Back

Awesome Tattoo of A Triangular Division placed on the Back of A woman and filled with the best Modern symbology of this Polynesian Tattooist: one marquesas sun in the middle, lines of pentagons & pyramids, big emerges forming stables, half-wheels & a lot of more .. by Dmitry Babakhin.


Half Woman's Back Tattoo with a Infinite Sun and several lines of Ancient symbols

Last Piece of this post dedicated to Women Back Tattoos showing a Half Back Female Tattoo of Polynesian Modern style where we find a full sun on the upper left side which core is a big infinite symbol, a different half-sun on the center-right side, a big earring on the lower right side and the rest of the piece filled with several lines os Tatau symbols as dummies, lines of black pyramids, lines o arrowheads, lines of pentagons and many more .. by Dmitry Babakhin.

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