II▻★★★ Tattoos on Upper Arm with Maori Polynesian Designs by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseille

Maori Tattoo of a Marquesas's Hook with Polynesian Tiki rowing and Samoan Motifs

Beautiful Polynesian Tattoo on Upper Biceps & Shoulder featurin a Ancient Marquesas’s Hook with a Tiki God rowing under a sea of Waves an Small Fishes. See the bottom of the Hook filled with Samoan-like Plaints. All created and inked in France by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseilles.

Maori Tattoo of a Spiral filled with Polynesian Symbols as Tiki, Plaints, Lines of Arrowheads etc..

Maori Polynesian Tattoo on Upper Arm featuring a Spiral filled with symbols coming from both Standards by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseilles

Tattoo of Maori Polynesian Spiral with Tiki God on Shoulder and Arm of a Man

Tattoo of  a Tiki Face on Biceps surrounded by plaints and symbols coming from Polynesian Design, all them by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseilles

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