II▻★★★ Tattoos on Women’s Sides of Hawaiian Designs & Patterns by Monarch Studio

Side of a Woman tattooed with Strips of Hawaii Samoa style & idea

Beautiful Tribal Samoa Spiral from Shoulder Blade to Lower Stomach of a young woman featuring 2 or 3 main strips of Small Polynesian symbols with thornswell inked & many more .. al by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Tattoo Maori Samoa for Girls on Lateral

Similar to predecessor we’ll have this Female Side Tattoo of Maori Samoan strips of small symbols created and designed also by Monarch Studio Hawaii.

Tatouage sur le Coté du bas Ventre d'une fille de style Maori Polynésien

Last Side Tattoo of Maori waves and emerges interlaced with Strips of Small Maori Polynesian symbols, by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

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