II▻★★★ Designs of Maori Tattoing Art by Babakhin

Maori Turtle with a Tiki God as Carapace filled with pure Polynesian small symbology

Beautiful Design of a Turtle Tiki with all a parade of Maori Polynesian small symbols: waves, emerges, lines of triangles, ..  By Dmitry Babakhin.

Polynesian Design of Marquesas Totem with a Tiki Head in the centre of the Upper Rounded symbol

Modern Polynesian Design representing something like a Maori Totem made with pure ancient Marquesas symbols or motifs as a line of cross on the centre and the 2 lines triangles on both sides. Upper division of the piece is a rounded symbol containing a Tiki’s Head surrounded by 2 strip of symbols, first one upper with geometric symbols and second one of bottom made with Maori emerges.  By Dmitry Babakhin.

Small Maori Design for Tatoo

Small & Last Maori Design for former artist Dmitry Babakhin showing lines of emerges, lines of birds & a beautiful like of triangles half dotted half inked.

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