II▻★★★ Images of Designs Hawaiians Tattooed by Monarch Studio on Men’s Shoulder

Wave-like Symbols tattoed on Shoulder with lines & plaints of Polynesian Micro Motifs

Tattoo of a Male Biceps with a Design of Big wave-like Forms interlaced with Fine Strips of Micro Polynesian Symbols.

Sun & Tattoo Turtle Tattoo from Hawaii

Tattoo of Hawaiian Turtles swimming to the Sun interlaced with Arabesques Designs, Tipanier Flowers and Strips of Arrowheads, all idea and tattoo by former artists of Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Design of Maori Wave made of Polynesian Symbol Strips mixed with a eagle on Shoulder

Awesome Design Maori Hawaiian from Half Forearm to Half  Biceps featuring Medium-size wave-like symbols forming a Spiral or big Wave on the inner Elbow. ON upper size we find a beautiful eagle also inked by Monarch Tattoo.

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