II▻★★★  Coloured Flower Tattooed on Women’s Back with Maori Strips by Monarch Studio à Hawaïi

Red Flower Tattoo on Woman's Back of Maori Tribal style

Beautiful Piece of 3 Tipanier Polynesian Flower in red/orange colour immersed or placed on several strips of small symbols of Maori Polynesian style, by Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Tattoo of Polynesian Flowers (3) on the side of a Woman with Maori Strips

Another Tattoo of Tipanier Flowers accompanying a Strip of Modern Maori symbols, le tout placed on a woman’s side by Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Pink Flowers tattooed on Back Female

Pink Flowers tattooed on the Back of a Woman with a name and with two strips of small Polynesian Maori symbols, by Monarch Studio in Hawaii also.

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