II▻★★★ Beautiful Symbols of Modern Maori style for Tattoo by Dmitry Babakhin

Design of a Star from Sacred Geometry for Tattoing ARt

Awesome Design of Symbol for Tattoo representing a star of 8 points with something like a swastika made with symbols of polynesian maori emerges. As you can see, all the rest of the piece are small white, black or scratched triangles, all by Dmitry Babakhin.

Swastica Design of Modern style made with wave & emerge motifs from this Tattooing ARt

Maori Swastika Design for Tattoo showing the control over the geometry and symmetry of our partner Dmitry that has design the nucleus and the arms of the symbols with the help of waves & emerges Maori Symbolism. Congratulation  Dmitry good job man.

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