II▻★★★★★ The Best Polynesian Tattoo Artist for 2013: Dmitry Babakhin


Dmitry Babachin (left) & Po’oino Yrondi: Same divine inspiration for the Ancient Tatau at nothing less than twenty thousand miles of distance  (Hawaii - Russia)

Dmitry has surprised us justly for that, How this men has arrived to that perfection for Tattooing Ancient Tatau Patterns, Models, Layouts & Symbols? Also what a control over the Dot Tattoo & over the Sacred Geometry !!

Congratulations Dmitry and welcome to our Polynesian Tattoo Blog. We are really honored to have you in. Maururu Roa.

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Ancient Polynesian Tatau on Shoulder & Sleeve

Dmitry show us with this Ancient Polynesian Tattoo on Shoulder & Arm that he is fluent in the layouts and patterns of Tatau & its symbology. As you can see in the centre of the shoulder, he has place a awesome 8-points sun really impressive. TATAU MASTER AWARD January 2013.

Polynesian Ray Tattooed on Man's Full Back

Now Dmitry has tattooed this Back with the Design of a Big Manta Ray filled with a lot of classic symbols from ancient Tatau: marquesas crosses, pyramids lines, dummies hands-up, small half-suns & many more. It’s important to mark the big Sun Symbol on the upper side that has a Tiki Big-eyes’s Head inside. Awesome piece also named TATAU OF THE MONTH August September 2012. Congratulations Dmitry.

Marquesas TAttoo on Arm & Shoulder

Last piece of this post dedicated to a Ancient Marquesas Tattoo on the Arm & Shoulder. As the previous one, it offers us a exhibition of Tatau symbolog: lines of pentagons, lines of black pyramids, lines of marquesas crosses, dummies hands-up & many more. Awarded Also in NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2012 by Prestigious Facebook Page TATAU OF THE MONTH.

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