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Polynesian Maori Design showing a autentic parade of symbols from both Tattoing Art Standards, by Miguel San Roman

Iaorana all you “tattoomaniacs” . Here you’ve our blog dedicated to Polynesian Tatau and Marquesas’s Patutiki and of course, to all those young artists whoever they are and wherever they come from. what is important is that they continue to show us that the goals of their daily job and their creativity is that energetic and half divine contact with the Ancient culture of our ancestors . For sure, “Polynesian Maori Tattoos 2013″ is also dedicated to all you putting your skin at disposal of Tatau. Enjoy it.


Polynesian Design of a Whale Tail filled with Ancient Marquesas Patutiki's Symbols and Motifs. By Miguel San Roman.

Design of Whale Tail filled withe former Ancient Patutiki symbologie and painted by other of the honored participants in our blog,  Miguel San Roman

Best Polynesian Maori Tattoos for Men sorted by styles:

BEST Tattoos of Polynesian Maori Design of 2012 by Artists and Styles

Most REMARQUABLE MALE Tattoos of our Blog



MAORI Polynesian Tattoo

Tattoo style from MARQUESAS’s Islands


Tattoo from the Fiji Islands


Tattoos from SAMOA


Polynesian Maori Tattoo for Women (all Body Parts and styles):

Polynesian Maori FEMALE TATTOOs

Polynesian Maori Tattoos for Men sorted by Body Parts:

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Arms

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Back

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Calf

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Chest

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Upper Pectoral

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Elbow

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on the Face

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on the Feet & Ankles

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Forearm

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Hands

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Thigs and Legs

Polynesian MEN Tattoos ON Shoulder

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Stomach & Kidney

Polynesian MEN Tattoos on Full Arm

Polynesian Maori Tattoos by Designs and Models:

Polynesian Tattoo DESIGN & DRAWINGS

Polynesian Tattoo PATTERNS

Marquesas ARMOUR Tattoos

Polynesian Crown Tattoos

Polynesian Dolphin Tattoos

Polynesian Suns Tattoos


Polynesian Rays Tattoos

Polynesian Sharks Tattoos

Polynesian  Gecko Tattoos

Polynesian Turtle Tattoos

Polynesian TIKI Totems or Gods Tattoos

Polynesian Emerges and Waves Tattoos

Gros Success de la Dernier Convention Tattoo Tahiti au Radison Pirae avec plus de trente Tatoueurs Polynésiens Marquisiens pressentes

Official Photo of the Tahiti Tattoo Convention 2013 with all the Polynesian Tattooists participating on it, Maururu all you. Picture by “LE CUBE Studio”

Polynesian Tattoo Artists 2013:

Without doubt, the more complete list of all the young promises of the Polynesian Maori Tattoo.

More than 30 profiles of former Polynesian Tattooists with infos, pictures and links to each of them. Enjoy it:

Direct Link to Polynesian Tattoo Artists 2013 List (30 participants)