II▻★★★ Polynesian Tattooing Art on Women’s Back par Dmitry Babakhin

Marquesas Tattoo of Rhombus with a Tiki's Head inside

Tattoo of a division like a rhombus filled with Modern polynesian symbols forming something like a Tiki’s Head: dummies hands-up, emerges, lines of pyramids .. by Dmitry Babakhin.


Polynesian Sun with Ant's Head Tattoed on the centre of a Girl's Back

Awesome piece of  a Modern Polynesian Sun with something like a Ant’s Head inside, designed and filled with the help of Ancient symbology from Tatau: lines of triangles-pentagons, dummies hands-down, emerges forming the eyes and the mouth of the Ant .. also by Dmitry Babakhin.

Half Back & Upper Thigh attoo for Girls of Sun, Spirals & Ray of Polynesian style

Woman’s Half Back & Upper Thigh Tattoo of Polynesian Modern style representing one sun on the buttock which core is a maori turtle. Above it we find a Ray-Tiki that continues up to Upper Back with several Spiral Forms nicely filled with Ancient symbology from Tatau:  lines of pyramids, geckos, crosses, pentagons, emerges, waves, etc.. by Dmitry Babakhin.

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