II▻★★★ Tattoos of Turtles of Maori Polynesian Samoa style by Monarch Studio

Samoa Turtle Tattoo Pattern & Example of the Patterns used by Monarch Studio

Beautiful Turtle Tatoo on a young woman’s Calf of Samoa style seen the lines of small symbols used to fill the design, by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Tattoo of Small Blue Turtle for Women on Back with Maori Polynesian Design & Idea

Tattoo of Small blue Tortle swimming inside seveal lines of small polynesian symbols, all inked on the left Shoulder Blade of a Woman by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Tattoo of Green Turtle for Woman

Turtle Tattoo in Green Colour featuring the true aspect of this animal in her ecosystem, by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Maori Mask tattooed on the Body of a Turtle by Monarch

Maori Turtle which carapace is a awesome Tiki Mask with the Tongue Out, Congratulations Monarch Studio.

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