II▻★★★★★ Tribal Maori Tattoos with Hawaiian Design on Calf by Monarch Studio

Tribal Spiral Tattoo with Design & Patter of Maori Hawaiian style inked on Calf to Ankle

Beautiful Tattoo on a Man’s Calf of Tribal Maori Samoa style with a lot of strips on ink and symbols being spined to become a Spiral, created and designed by Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Awesome Tattoo of the Symbols Spiral and Waves on a Calf with Pattern Tribal Maori

Tribal Maori Design similar to previous but with a differente touch and with the strips that form the spiral bigger, it has been tattooed also in Hawaii by Monarch Studio.

Maori Micro Symbols on Strips forming a Spiral tattooed on Man's Calf

Third Spiral tattooed on Calf by our friends of Monarch Studio but with a lightly difference level the strips that are more fines and feature Micro Symbols from the Ancient Samoa or Pacific Tatau.

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