II▻★★★ Tattoos of Tribal Maori Samoa Designs & Pattersn by Monarch Studio

Tribal Tattoo mixed with Samoa style seen the beautiful lines of small symbols inside the Design

Tribal Samoan Tattoo on Man’s  Sleeve featuring multiple lines of small symbols typicals of this Standard, some of them wedged as in Tribal .. by Monarch Studio Hawaii.

Shoulder & Sleeve Tattoo of Maori Samoa Design & Pattern for Men

Similar Concept of before but a little more oxygened on Shoulder, this Tribal Samoan Tattoo features also a lot of Strips of small polynesian symbols mixed with Patterns or Forms coming directly from Tribal Standard .. inked in Hawaii by Monarch Studio.

Exemple de Tatouage TRibal Maori sur l'épaule et l'avant bras d'un Homme

Tribal Moari Tattoo on Shoulder & Biceps featuring several strips of symbols from the Polynesian standard (arrowheads, arrows, ..) mixed with the typical big thorns of the Tribal Tattoing Art .. all inked in Hawaii by Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

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