II▻★★★  Tattoos of Maori Tribal flowers & Hibiscus by Monarch Studio Hawaii

Tattoo of Maori Flower for Girls

Tattoo of Maori Tribal Flower inserted on a environment of beautiful strips of arrowheads, small birds and more .. by Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Red Flowers of the Polynesian Tipanier's specie tattooed on a Female Upper Back

Tattoo of Red Flowers from Polynésien, Tiare Tipanier, placed on a design of fines strips of Arabesque/Maori style by  Monarch Studio à Hawaï.

Tribal Flower on Shoulder & Biceps by Monarch

Tattoo of Big Flowers of Hibiscus, Tipanier & Polynesian species on the arm of a Man byMonarch Studio à Hawaï.

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