II▻★★★  Tatoos on Torso & Pectoral of Polynesian Modern style by Dmitry Babakhin

Half Body or Torso Tattoo of Modern Polynesian style with a lot of Ink near the pectoral

Awesome Tattoo from Torso to belly bottom showing a parade of symbolism from Ancient Marquesas Tatau: old crosses, polynesian suns, emerges and underhand emerges, big waves, half-stars, lines of triangular forms and many more from Dmitry Babakhin.

Polynesian Modern Armour Tattoo with a Big sun, A star with infinity nucleus and a Spiral of symbol strips

Tattoo on Torso, Shoulder & Upper Arm of Maori Modern style which main element is a polynesian sun placed on the centre of the shoulder and surrounded of several half-stars. As you can see also on the Inner Arm our artist has placed something like a big spiral made with lines of black/white triangles and emerges/underhand emerges. By Dmitry Babakhin.

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