II▻★★★  Lower Side Calfs Tattooed with Polynesian Maori Modern Designs by par Dmitry Babakhin

Tatouages sur la Cheville et le Mollet de style Polynésien Moderne dont élément principal semble une moitié d’étoile ou soleil

Side of Calf tattooed with lines of Modern Polynesian symbols and with a little of dot tattoo (see grey pyramids on the bottom of the central big strip), underhand emerges and a Marquesas half-sun by Dmitry Babakhin.

Tatouage sur la Cheville, le Pied et le Mollet de style plus tôt Maori Polyfusion

Tattoo of Gecko of Maori Polynesian which tail finishes in a spiral on ankle. Inside of the piece we can find several Tiki’s Head with Big Red Eyes.

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