II▻★★★★★ Hawaiian Tattoo Designs & Patterns at Monarch Studio

Tattoo in Hawaii with Monarch Studio

Monarch Studio Tattoo in Hauula, Hawaii

A new partner of our Blog placed in Hawaii and which Tattoo style mixes Tribal, Maori, Polynesian & International.

Even that, we can find a lot of work of our friends from Monarch addressed to Women, specially all those florals and in colour.

Well, Congratulations Friends of Monarch’s and Welcome to our Maori Polynesian Tattoo Blog. We are honored. Maururu Roa.


  • 54-060 Kamehameha Hwy.
  • Hauula, Hawaii 96717
Téléphone +1 808-293-7000
Adresse électronique Laura@monarchtattoohawaii.com
Site web http://www.monarchtattoohawaii.com

Tribal Maori Tattoo of Armour on Pectoral, Shoulder & Upper Arm Tiki tongue out IncludedTattoo of Polynesian Armor Pattern placed on Pectoral & Upper Arm and representing a Tiki God with the tongue out . It has been filled specially on the arm with big strips of  Tribal Maori symbology, one of the speciality of Monarch Studio.

Tatouage pour Hommes d'une armure de style Tribal Maori Américain

Awesome second Tribal Maori Armour on Pectoral Chest, Clavicle, Omoplate, Sleeve, Shoulder & Upper Arm with all a parade of Strips of Polynesian symbols adapted to modern times. By Monarch Studio.

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