II▻★★★ Samoan Tattoos for Men’s Shoulder by Monarch Studio

Design of Samoan Tattoo for Male Upper Arm by Monarch Studio

Samoan Tattoo on a Man’s Shoulder featuring multiples interlace strips of Micro Polynesian Symbols and wave-like big motifs by Monarch Studio Hawaï.

Armor Tattoo on Shoulder of Samoan Maori style and design

Tattoo of Armour of Polynesian Pattern and Samoa Design with all those strips of Micro Melanesian Symbols and of course the division totally inked, by Monarch Studio Hawaï.

Tatouage sur l'épaule et le Bras de clair style Samoa vues les multiples lignes aux petits symboles

Tattoo on Arm & Biceps of Fine Lines of Polynesian Micro Symbols designed and created by Monarch Studio in Hawaii.

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