II▻★★★★★ Shoulders Tattooed with Maori Modern style by Dmitry Babakhin

Shoulder & Upper Arm Tatoo with a Tiki Maori as main element

Awesome Shoulder-Upper Arm Tattoo with a Tiki’s Head presiding the ball of the Shoulder and surrounded pour several lines of symbols typically polynesian like Marquesas Crosses, lines of pyramids  one quarter of a polynesian sun & many more .. by Dmitry Babakhin.

Modern Maori Tiki on Shoulder & Upper Arm Tattoo

Modern Maori Shoulder & Upper Arm tattoo with half a rosette or flower, dummies and several lines of symbols included several of them that has been dot-tattoed. On the shoulder we’ll find a Modern Tiki’s Face with the tongue sticking out, the all by Dmitry Babakhin.

Tatoos Épaules de style Polynésien avec une tortue placée au centre de l’épaule en tant qu’élément principal

Moder Maori Tattoo on Shoulder & Upper Arm with a Beautiful Turtle as Main element of the piece. As you can see, the technic of the artist is wonderfull seen the animal and the lines of arrowheads & waves surrounded it. At the Bottom, on the inner Biceps Dmitry has placed a Big Eyes Tiki’s Face made with Marquesas-like Earrings. By Dmitry Babakhin.

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