II▻★★★★★ Designs of Polynesian Maori Pattern & Models by Miguel San Roman

Big Fish & Waves Tattooed with Maori Polynesian Design & Symbols

Maori Tattoo of a Marlin jumping on Waves filled with Polynesian Symbols and Plaints by  Miguel San Roman.

Design for Tattoo of A Ray & a Turtle accompanied of Flowers and filled with Ancient Motifs and Symbols from Tatau

Maori Turtle Tattoo accompanied of a Polynesian Ray and several flowers, all designed and filled with symbology from both Tattooing Art Standards by Miguel San Roman.

Beatiful Maori Polynesian Patter for tattoo on the Centre of the Back or Spine with a Marquesas Tiki Turtle included

Awesome Design for the Spine featuring all a parade of Polynesian Ancient Symbols and Strips of Motifs by Miguel San Roman, CONGRATULATIONS MIGUEL.

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