II▻★★★ Tattoos on Men’s Stomach & Stomach Side by Dmitry Babakhin

Ancient Tatau on Male Stomach

The first one is this Ancient Marquesas Tattoo on the side of a Man’s Stomach which main element is a Marquesas Half-Sun served with dummies hands-up, lines of arrowheads, lines of showerheads and pentagons, lines of pyramids + pyramidons, ancient Tatau Crosses and many more. As you can see also, a big division of this piece has been inked totally as former Marquesas Tattooists used to do hundred of years ago. Par Dmitry Babakhin


Marquisien Band of Lines of Symbols from Lower Stomack to Pectoral

This Second Tatoo shows a big band from lower stomach to armpit filled with several lines of symbols coming from Ancient Tatau and representing different types of black & scratched pyramids. By Dmitry Babakhin.

Side Stomach Tattoo for Men

Similar in Layout to the first one of this post, this piece has been placed by our artist on the left side & left stomach side of a young men and has been filled with a big line of dummies hands up (on the left) & several other lines of Marquesas symbology. As you can see, in the kidney our artist has inked the division and has placed a form like a earring. Par Dmitry Babakhin.

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