II▻★★★ Tattoo Girl Pictures by Jay Mestup

Image Tatouage Femme sur l'Omoplate représentant plusieurs bandages de style Polynésien Fidji Tattoo Girl Pictures on the shoulder blade with a bandage of braids in the centre of the tattoo, a Tipanier flower inside of it, a sun with a small snake, three maori symbols of waves or Soya beans and several Polyfusion marks. Inked by the owner of  Mestup Inks Fidji Tattoo, Mister Jay.

Image Tatouage Femme d'une note musicale sur l'Omoplate rempli des anciens symboles polynésiensTattoo Girl Pictures on the shoulder blade showing a musical note made based on two spiral strips filled with ancient polynesian small symbolism. The artist has include also 2 or 3 bandages in red colour to support the idea of turning movement of the spirals. Designed and Tattooed in Fiji Islands by Jay, owner and main artist of Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo.

Image Tatouage Femme sur Bas Dos d'une Fleur Hibiscus Rouge entourée des autres fleurs Tipaniesr et de plusieurs stripsTattoo Girl Pictures on the lower back representing a big red polynesian Hibiscus flower surrounded by two Tipanier flowers and several strips of maori polynesian small symbols as lines of pyramids, rosettes, letters  triangles, bandages, plaits & many more. As the previous one, this piece has been tattooed by Jay, Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo’s owner.

Tatouage pour femImage Tatouage Femme sur l'Omoplate avec plusieurs Fleurs Hibiscus et Tipaniermes sur le coté du ventre de style polynésien fidji réalisé par Jay Mestup Inks FidjiTattoo Girl Pictures on the lower stomach of a around-thirty years old girl representing two types of flowers as Tipanier and Hibiscus as well as a small sea horse and several strips of Maori Polyfusion symbols. As previous ones, this piece has been tattooed by Jay.

Image Tatouage Femme sur Bas Dos d'un bande de symboles polynésiens maori samoa tels que spirales, monts, bandages, pyramides noires, pyramides blanchesTattoo Girl Pictures on the lower back of a around-twenty years old girl representing three Tipanier flowers as well as several maori bandages and symbols: waves & winkles, pyramids  shoots, .. As the previous ones, this tattoo has been designed and inked in Fiji Islands by Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo.

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