II▻★★★★★ Awesome Calf Tattoos of Maori Polynesian Modern Design by Dmitry Babakhin

Polynesian Tattoo on Calf with Tiki and Lines of Ancient symbols included

Tattoo on Calf of Polynesian Modern Pattern seen the Marquesas crosses on ankle and another symbology coming directly from those standards specially the emerges and the square emerges used to fill it .. by partner Dmitry Babakhin.

Tattoo of Maori Star & God Tiki designed & inked on a Man's Calf

Incredible Maori Calf Tattoo with a beautiful rounded symbol on the centre or bull of the calf irradiating small polynesian symbols. We can see also a Big-Eyes Face to Face TIKI GOD on Ankle of impeccable end .. By Dmitry Babakhin.

Tatouage Homme Mollet présentant un tête de tiki ronde sur la boulette du mollet

Maori Tiki tattooed inside a Rounded symbol on a Man’s Calf which environment are half-suns, lines of black & scratched pyramids, front doors, etc .. by Dmitry Babakhin.

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