II▻★★★★★ Best Maori Polynesian Design by Miguel San Roman


Miguel San Roman, born to Tattoo Design

A new partner coming from France that declare us to be in love with Maori Tattoo and more particularly with the Art of Maori Design and its Symbology.

Congratulation for your Designs and Tattoos and Welcome to our Blog Miguel, we’re very honoured to count you within. Maururu Roa.

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Best Maori Design of 2013 with more than one Hundred different Symbols and Motifs

One of the Best Maori Designs of Miguel mixing more than one hundred differente symbols, strips or lines of symbols and motifs from the Maori Tattooing Art.

Dessin de Tatouage sur le plafond et les murs de la Maison a Miguel

Maori Tattoo Design directly on his house’s hall wall with Polynesian Tikis, Dummies, Demi rosettes and many many more, Congratulations Miguel.

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