II▻★★★ Designs of Tattoos Samoan style on Men’s Calfs by Monarch Studio

Maori Calf with Design & Pattern Purely Samoa on a Man's Calf and featuring a lot of Strips of Micro Polynesian symbols and motifs

Beautiful Samoan Calf featuring multiples lines of Micro Polynesian symbols and a rounded symbol justly on the bull of the Calf  .. by Monarch Studio in Hawai.

Polynesian Maori Big Lines of Symbols tattoed on a man's Forearm

Maori Forearm with lines of arrowheads and thorns lightly bigger than the previous one but tattoed with a similar Design and accuracy to the Polynesian Samoa Tattooing Art Standards .. also created and designed by Monarch Studio in Hawaï.

Maori Arm, Forearm, Shoulder and Left Dorsal Tattooed on a Man with a mixing of Samoa and Fiji Designs

Samoan Sleeve and Half-Back Tattoo with touches of Fiji & Polynesian Tattoing Art featuring all a parade of Lines and Divisions of Symbols from all those Standards .. designed and inked also by Monarch Studio Hawaï.

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