II▻★★★★★ Tattoos on Shoulder of Maori Polynesian Design by Miguel San Roman

Design of Ancient Polynesian Spiral and Tiki on Shoulder & Back

Maori Spiral Tattoo on Shoulder continued on Shoulder Blade with Tiki & Polynesian Symbols by Miguel San Roman

Awesome Maori Samoan Tattoo of Spiral and Strips of Symbols by Miguel San Roman

Maori Tattoo with a few more of Samoa Touch seen the number and side of the Bands used by our artist. As previous, it features a big Spiral of Maori Symbols on the centre of the Shoulder. By Miguel San Roman.

Maori Shoulder tattooed on A Man

Maori Shoulder for Men featuring a central strip of Arrowheads accompanied of something like a branch with Emerges, all surrounded by all a parade of former Polynesian Ancient Symbology by Miguel San Roman

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