II▻★★★ Design of Maori Tattooing Art by  Monarch Studio in Hawaii

Beautiful Example of Maori Art painted on a surf Board

Design of Maori Spirals made of Strips of Micro Polynesian Symbols by Monarch Studio in Hawai.

Tattoo on Arm & Forearm with Hawaiian Pattern and Maori Design

Maori Sleeve up to Wrist of a Man with a Hawaiian Design & Special Touch by Monarch Studio in Hawaii.

Man's Calf tattooed with Maori Hawaiian Design and Symbolism

Example of Maori Tattoing Art on Calf  featuring a lot of wave-like Symbols interlaced with multiples lines of small Symbols possibly coming from Samoan Designs and Patterns, all it with the typical Polynesian Hawaiian style of  Monarch Studio in Hawaii.

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