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Neck Tattoo

II▻★★★ Tattoos on Men’s Necks by Monarch Studio Tatoo of a Royal Crown placed on the Left Side of the Neck by Monarch Studio in Hawaï. ⇓ Writing Tattoo on Man’s Neck with the Phase “One Life No Regrets by Monarch Studio in Hawaï. ⇓ Go to Main Profil Page of Monarch Studio Go the [...]

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Chest Tattoo

II▻★★★ Chest Tattoo Polynesian mixed Dot Work by Dmitry Babakhin Tattoo of Crown on Chest mixed Polynesian Dot Art nicely symmetrical and with awesome symbolism as maori emerges, lines of black, lined and dotted pyramids inverted. The intersection of the big emerges has been well inked, by Dmitry Babakhin. ⇓ Chest & Shoulder Tattoo of a Star with [...]

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