II▻★★★ Bracelets inked with Modern & Ancient Polynesian Marquesas style by Dmitry Babakhin

Ancient Marquesas Earrings tattooed as a Band on Wrist

Awesome bracelet with two main earring elements from Ancient Tatau & several other smaller motifs on the middle of the forearm as emerges, vertical door and strip of black pyramids+pyramidions by Dmitry Babakhin.

Marquesas Big Eyes's God tattooed on backer calf

Awesome Tiki face with dentition & big eyes inked on back Calf of a Man with Modern Polynesian style by Dmitry Babakhin.

Bracelet tattooed on Calf with a Tiki's Face

Another Bracelet showing a Modern Tiki’s face with Teeth & Big Eyes on Calf, by Dmitry Babakhin.

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