II▻★★★ Ancient Polynesian Tattoing Art on Back par Dmitry Babakhin

Sun Ray Tattoo of Polynesian style on Man's Full Back

Full Back Tattoo representing something like a Ray with a extended tail to lower back crossing by the spine of the Tattooed. As you can see the geometry of the piece is perfect and the symbology used to fill the pattern is Marquesas Ancient: emerges, waves, cross, lines of pentagons and pyramids. Above all, presiding the creation we find the main element it that is that Sun placed between both shoulder blades. Par Dmitry Babakhin


Marquesas-style Tattoo on DorsalPolynesian Tattoo on Back Side showing a Beautiful Division of Lines of Ancient symbols and Ink: dummies hands-up, pentagons + pyramidions, black triangles, .. By Dmitry Babakhin.

Buttock and Lower Back Ancient Tatau (not finished)

Full Back Tattoo of Modern Polynesian style inked on the abdomen and buttock of a Man. It’s in construction but it seems already a nice piece specially that monkey in the centre of that circular division on the ass. By Dmitry Babakhin.

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