II▻★★★ Men Back Tattoo of a Maori Octopus by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseilles

Tattoo of Octopus which tentacles has been filled with Strips of Polynesian Symbols and Motifs

Octopus Tattoo with Maori Design on Full Back of a Man by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseille.

Maori Ray tattooed on Shoulder Blade of a Man

Tattoo of Maori Ray on Shoulder Blade filled with Polynesian Symbols and dummies by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseille

Dolphin Tattoo of Maori Polynesian Design and Motifs

Tattoo of Dolphin filled and surrounded with Maori Polynesian Symbology on Shoulder by Ta’a Tiki Tattoo Marseille.

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