II▻★★★  Tattoos on Shoulder, Biceps & Upper Arm of Maori Modern style by Dmitry Babakhin

Maori Marquesas Modern Tattoo on Shoulder & Upper Arm

Arm & Shoulder Tattooed with Modern Marquesas style considering the parade of symbology used by the artist on: lines of pyramides, emerges & underhand emerges, scratched triangles & of course the beautiful Tatau’s cross on the centre of the shoulder. Inked by Dmitry Babakhin.

Flower tattooed on Shoulder and inserted in a environment of Modern Polynesian Art

Tatoo Half Dotted Half Inked of more modern style that the previous one seen the flower on Shoulder. Even it, the rest of the piece has been inked with symbols and motifs from Ancient Polynesian Art as: lines of pyramids (whites, blacks & scratched), emerges and underhand emerges, marquisian crosses & many more , by Dmitry Babakhin.

tMaori Modern Tattoo on a Man's Shoulder & Upper Arm

Last creation of this wonderful post showing a Modern Maori Tattoo on Shoulder & Upper Arm, different et innovative as is habitual in Dmitry. Congratulations Man.

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